Working at home

Working from home today

Working from home today is the best place to work if you work online. You can still earn an income having the freedom to be physically located anywhere in the world working on the internet.

This is an amazing freedom that so few people are afforded, and it’s one of the top reasons that many of us are attracted to the notion of working online in the first place. It’s a minor tragedy then, that so many people who manage to make their income online, will not take full advantage of this. So many people who work online equate this to working ‘from home’ in a very literal sense.

Which would mean working from home in the comfort of their home

Sure, this has its appeal too, but it’s not exactly taking full advantage of this untethered way of working. You can go anywhere if you work online.

So where should you go?

Working Abroad

Obviously, there is no doubt working online should mean working abroad. Because, this is the surest way to access more people, discover other cultures and really live a kind of life that would not be possible otherwise.

I remember one of my best experiences was to find a friend who also traveled to Dubai where we had great adventures. We explored and saw the sites for a whole day. But in the evening we sometimes worked in cafes and bars.

Sure, many people would rather be out partying during the evening, but my friend and I are introverts. And we love what we do. So, the idea of being able to sip a beer and watch the world go by, immersed in the atmosphere of the nightlife… it was incredible.

Awesome… If you could imagine how you would feel, you were abroad, one evening working online in a bar listening to local music and it started to rain in the cobbled streets outside and watching people go by on vacation.

It was a really great time, my friend and I were grateful to have had the opportunity to work this way.

This experience was so interesting, it had become a habit for my family and me to take advantage of holidays to travel abroad to visit and explore certain big cities of the world.

For the Non-Digital Nomads, I’d like to point out at this junction that I am not a digital nomad. That is to say that I do come home in between trips and you can do the same. You don’t have to give up all your creature comforts or your relationships in order to enjoy traveling as you work. Working online means you can just travel more.

There are undoubtedly more exotic and exciting places where you can work, and even in your area,

Anywhere with an internet connection where you won’t get kicked out can make a great place to get work done. Working in a coffee shop is the most popular and sensible option.

As long as your financial means allow, you should be able to stay there as long as you want and most will have access to wifi and electricity for free,

Plus you can enjoy people watching and listening to the background chatter, all while avoiding the many distractions and temptations that come from working at home. Libraries are great too!

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